Speaking Partners: Discussion Materials

Have you been selected as a speaking partner mentor and are ready to begin serving? Read the information below to find out what you’ll be discussing each week with your PathwayConnect student. Please use the links on the right to access discussion materials for each lesson.

If you’ve not yet signed up to be a speaking partner volunteer visit 

Speaking Partner Learners are the PathwayConnect students participating in the L or English language version of PathwayConnect. Speaking Partner Mentors are the partners, who are helping the learners practice English.

Although the most important thing you can do when you meet as speaking partners is to practice speaking English, discussion material is provided, which is related to the speaking partner learner’s coursework. The correct course material for your appointment may be found by selecting the learner’s current course from the links on the right. Within the course drop down menu, find the appropriate lesson for the week of your visit.

The speaking partner discussion materials are to be used by both the speaking partner learners and the speaking partner mentors. The discussion material is written for the learners to use as a guide to lead the discussions. The mentors will be directed by the learner and the material to respond to questions or to help with specific activities. The mentor does not need to be familiar with the course content in order to participate. First-semester students take GS 120L; second-semester students take Math 100L; and third-semester students take ENG 106L.

GS 120L: Life Skills and English

This course teaches students leadership principles, study skills, career exploration, and other skills that are essential to success — both in college and in life.

MATH 100L: Intro to Algebra, Finance, and Language

This course starts at the beginning with rounding and estimation then progresses to graphs, slopes, and equations of lines.

ENG 106L: Basic Writing and English

This is a basic writing course designed to prepare students for college-level writing. Students review basic concepts of grammar and writing and submit papers throughout the course.