“Pathway is a miracle.” (Kim B. Clark, BYU-Idaho President)

“We have seen the seeds planted here of one of the future tracks of worldwide education in the Church — remarkable!” (Douglas F. Higham, Area Seventy)

“I know that … Pathway is inspired. I have felt the inspiration of the Holy Ghost grow in my life as I learned and applied that knowledge. Not only does this inspired program fulfill my patriarchal blessing, it has helped me move closer to the gospel, it has helped me to not give up hope on myself, and it has helped me know that I am loved.” (Angela Harper, Pathway Student)

PathwayConnect is a marvelous work. Through the blessings of technology and the work of dedicated service missionaries, priesthood leaders, and BYU-Idaho employees — the Church is using this program to provide a path to abundant educational and spiritual blessings for thousands of members.

As participants in this work, we must learn our respective duties and seek to fulfill them. The information presented in this handbook can facilitate revelation when it is used to provide an understanding of principles, policies, and procedures while seeking the guidance of the Spirit.

PathwayConnect Handbook

For Pathway Administrators, Missionaries, & Local Leaders. This handbook is a guide primarily for local PathwayConnect missionaries. It may also be helpful for stake presidents, institute coordinators, Area Seventies, and other local leaders in their work with PathwayConnect. The first section presents some history, background, and the foundation for PathwayConnect. The other sections provide principles, guidelines, and instructions for both administering and ministering the program.

The headings and subheadings in these handbooks are numbered to make topics easy to locate or reference. Rather than refer to a page or group of pages, individuals may refer to a topic by its number. For example, in a discussion about missionary roles and responsibilities, a missionary could refer to 7.2 in Handbook 2. The number 7 refers to the section, and the number 2 refers to the subsection of the section.

Updates to Handbook

Occasionally the information in this handbook will be updated through email notices from the PathwayConnect Home Office. Because updates will occur frequently, it is not recommended to print the handbooks in their entirety. If an individual does choose to print the handbook, previous versions should be discarded when updates are made.

Questions About Instructions

Missionaries and local leaders who have questions about information in this handbook or about items not addressed should direct questions to the PathwayConnect manager over their area.