1.3 Program Objectives

In line with the mission of BYU-Pathway Worldwide, PathwayConnect has been built around three objectives, which are primarily focused on spiritual, educational, and economic rescue. These objectives are:

    1. Help students get the gospel down into their hearts.

      Students’ testimonies will grow as they enjoy the fellowship of other students and participate in courses taught within the framework of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Unlike other Church educational programs, participation in PathwayConnect is not contingent upon personal worthiness.

    2. Help students become capable learners.

      PathwayConnect helps students build confidence in a supportive environment. Students take control of their own learning through a process of preparation, teaching others, and internalizing their learning through reflection and application. They can then go forward in faith, believing they are capable of achieving their goals.

    3. Prepare students to lead and support families.

      PathwayConnect helps students gain skills, learn doctrines, and strengthen values that will enable them to gain meaningful employment as well as be better parents, providers, citizens, and Church members.