10.1 BYU-Idaho

PathwayConnect students who are interested in furthering their education by obtaining a BYU-Idaho professional certificate, associate degree, and/or bachelor’s degree are encouraged to apply for admission into the BYU-Idaho online degree program or for on-campus study. Questions may be directed to BYU-Pathway Support.

10.1.1 Admission Requirements

Applications must be submitted through byupathway.org/admissions/degrees. PathwayConnect students may apply for admission to BYU-Idaho during their second or third semesters of PathwayConnect.

Application Fee

Students applying for the BYU-Idaho online degree program will not pay an application fee but will be charged a one-time fee when registering for courses for the first time.

Individuals applying for on-campus study are required to pay an application fee.

Program GPA

Students must have a 3.0 PathwayConnect grade point average (a B average) to be eligible for admission to BYU-Idaho. The program GPA is calculated only from PathwayConnect courses (see the sequences below). If students apply after they complete PathwayConnect, all three semesters will be included in their program GPA. If students apply during their third semester, their GPA will be based on their first two semesters. Students who do not have a cumulative 3.0 GPA may consider retaking one or more PathwayConnect courses in an effort to bring up their GPA.

Courses in one of these sequences combine to form the program GPA

  1. PC 101/L, PC 102/L, PC 103/L
  2. GS 120/L, Math 100G/L, ENG 106/L
  3. GS 120/L, PC 102/L, PC 103/L
  4. PC 101/L, Math 100G/L, ENG 106/L

Program Completion 

Students must have completed PathwayConnect prior to being admitted if they want to receive ongoing tuition benefits and have the TOEFL requirement waived. If students apply for admission during PC 103, they can indicate that they intend to complete the program. In order to complete the PathwayConnect Program, students must complete one of the course sequences above, complete a BYU-I Religion course during PathwayConnect (domestic 31+ students only), and complete a certificate course alongside PC 103. All of these courses need to be completed with a D- or above.

18-30 and non-domestic students of all ages should take institute where available during PathwayConnect.


Ecclesiastical endorsement

Applicants to any of BYU-Idaho’s certificate or degree programs are required to obtain an ecclesiastical endorsement as part of the application process, by contacting their local bishop.

High School Diploma

Students who complete PathwayConnect with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 ( a B average) or higher are not required to have a high school diploma or its equivalent to apply to BYU-Idaho. However, a high school diploma or equivalent is required in order to apply for federal financial aid (applies to U.S. students only).

Those applying for on-campus study must call the BYU-Idaho Admissions Office and explain that they are PathwayConnect students in order to have this requirement waived.

Language Requirements

PathwayConnect students who apply to a BYU-Idaho online degree program are not required to take an English language assessment (see 2.3 English Language Assessment).

PathwayConnect students applying for on-campus study are subject to BYU-Idaho’s English proficiency requirements for campus students.

Standardized Tests

PathwayConnect students are not required to submit standardized test scores (SAT/ACT) to be considered for admission to BYU-Idaho.

Those applying for on-campus study will need to call the BYU-Idaho Admissions Office and explain that they are PathwayConnect students in order to have this requirement waived.

10.1.2 Deadlines


Students applying to the BYU-Idaho online degree program should comply with recommended application deadlines (March 1 for spring applicants, August 1 for fall applicants, and December 1 for winter applicants). Applications received after the deadline are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Students applying for on-campus study should comply with established application deadlines (February 1 for spring and fall applicants and October 1 for winter applicants). Applications received after the deadline are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

10.1.3 Tuition & Financial Aid


Students who matriculate into BYU-Idaho’s online degree program will continue to pay the PathwayConnect tuition rate for the duration of their education (the price per credit may increase annually). However, additional fees for textbooks and/or other course materials will apply.

International matriculated students paying less than $46 per credit are eligible for the flat-rate materials program, which provides textbooks at only 10 percent of their total tuition that semester.

Students must pay the 10% textbook fee every semester, even if they don’t need textbooks for a specific semester. Course materials and software are not included in this 10 percent for textbooks.

PathwayConnect students in the United States must have a high school diploma or equivalent to be eligible for federal financial aid. International students do not qualify for any type of U.S. federal financial aid.


PathwayConnect students who matriculate to campus are subject to the standard campus tuition rate (tuition may increase annually).

PathwayConnect graduates who are U.S. citizens with a valid social security number must have a high school diploma or equivalent to be eligible for federal financial aid. International students do not qualify for any type of U.S. federal financial aid.

10.1.4 Support and Advising


When a student completes PathwayConnect and is accepted to the BYU-Idaho online degree program, the student will continue to receive support through BYU-Pathway Support.


Students accepted for on-campus study will receive advising help from BYU-Idaho’s Academic Advising.

10.1.5 Previous Credits from Other Colleges

Applicants must submit all transcripts from previous colleges in the United States as part of the application to BYU-Idaho (see 10.1.7 PathwayConnect Credits to BYU-Idaho and 10.1.8 Institute Credits to BYU-Idaho). For additional information about transfer credits, applicants may visit www.byui.edu/transfer-evaluation.

Applicants for the BYU-Idaho online degree program are not required to submit college transcripts from a foreign institution unless they want their credit evaluated for transferability.

Applicants for the BYU-Idaho on-campus program are required to submit college transcripts from foreign institutions.

10.1.6 International Credits

Students who have international transcripts and would like to have them evaluated must do so through the International Education Research Foundation (IERF) at www.ierf.org. Students send their transcripts to IERF, which then translates and evaluates the transcripts and sends them to BYU-Idaho. Students should request a “Detail Report.” Students may add the evaluated transcripts to their records at a later date.

Due to the cost involved, it is also important for students to know that unlike domestic transcripts, international classes that do not have a direct BYU-Idaho equivalency are not accepted as elective credit.

10.1.7 PathwayConnect Credits to BYU-Idaho

All PathwayConnect course credits as indicated on an official PathwayConnect transcript will be counted as transfer credit to BYU-Idaho. PC 101, PC 101L, PC 102, PC 102L, PC 103, PC 103L, and Institute Book of Mormon transfer as elective credit; while RELPC 121C, RELPC 122C, RELPC 250C, RELPC 200C, AND RELPC 275C transfer as religion credit. Institute credits must be transferred to BYU-Idaho by each local institute. In order for an institute course to count as credit-bearing, it must be taken for credit. 

Credits obtained from other colleges may be transferable to BYU-Idaho. However, official transfer credit evaluation does not occur until after a student is admitted to BYU-Idaho. Students interested in seeing how their previous course credits may transfer to BYU-Idaho can use the university’s transfer credit tool.

10.1.8 Institute Credits to BYU-Idaho

Institute courses taken “for credit” that a) have a letter grade (A through C-) or pass (P) grade and b) have a direct equivalent to a BYU-Idaho religion course will be accepted as transfer credit to fulfill BYU-Idaho graduation requirements, but institute courses do not impact the student’s BYU-Idaho GPA.

BYU-Idaho considers evaluation of transferrable institute course credits only with an official institute of religion transcript. Official transcripts can be submitted via email or through the postal service.

By Email

Official transcripts must come directly from an ldschurch.org email address of an institute instructor, secretary, or coordinator. Students may not submit transcripts. Emailed official transcripts should be sent to transcriptsubmit@byui.edu after final grades have posted. The emailed transcript should be in the CES Transcript format, not the Institute Report Card format. A separate transcript for each student is required. (Note: Other schools in the Church Education System currently do not accept institute transcripts via email.)

By Mail

Official transcripts must be signed by an institute coordinator or an authorized representative and submitted in a sealed envelope. BYU-Idaho will not evaluate transcripts submitted via fax or any other method deemed unsecure by the university. Multiple transcripts from the same institute can be sent in the same envelope. Transcripts only need to be submitted once to BYU-Idaho.

To ensure timely processing, mailed official transcripts should be sent to the BYU-Idaho Admissions Office immediately after final grades are posted. Typical processing time is 2–6 weeks from the time the transcript is received to appearance on the student’s BYU-Idaho transcript. Transcripts should be sent to Brigham Young University-Idaho, Admissions Office, 120 Kimball Building, Rexburg, ID 83460-1615.

Institute courses will not appear on a student’s unofficial BYU-Idaho transcript unless the student requests that the institute send the transcript to BYU-Idaho Admissions. This is done after the student completes PathwayConnect.

Any questions regarding the process of sending official transcripts to BYU-Idaho can be emailed to transfer@byui.edu.

10.1.9 PathwayConnect Certificates

(See 6.4 PathwayConnect Certificates)