11.4 Communication Resources

BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s communication efforts are intended to a) clearly inform key audiences regarding pertinent program information, updates, policies, and administrative procedures; b) educate Church members and priesthood leaders on the blessings and benefits of BYU-Pathway; and c) reflect the inspiring stories of students and other constituents.

11.4.1 News Articles

The BYU-Pathway Newsroom publishes news articles to a) help build the reputation and mission of BYU-Pathway and b) distribute important information to the public.

11.4.2 Blog Articles

Blogs offer a unique opportunity to present a more human side to BYU-Pathway Worldwide. By nature, blogs are more casual and allow for greater flexibility and creativity with content. The BYU-Pathway Worldwide blog, The Pathway Compass, contains articles written or solicited by the BYU-Pathway communication team.

11.4.3 Social Media

BYU-Pathway Worldwide uses social media to connect with audiences by sharing inspiring and engaging content.

In most areas, individual Pathway locations may create unofficial social media pages for their site or group. Owners of these pages should comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Include the disclaimer: “This page is not endorsed or supported by BYU-Pathway Worldwide.”
  2. Neither the BYU-Pathway Worldwide nor the BYU-Idaho logo may be used or imitated.
  3. The name and contact information of the member who is responsible for the page should be included in the page or group description.
  4. Page or group admins  should not state or imply that their page or activities are sponsored or endorsed by BYU-Pathway.
  5. Photographs of other individuals or personal information about them should not be displayed without their written consent.
  6. If you have created a page or group for your students or area, please email the link to communications-pw@byupathway.org so that we can place it in our records.

11.4.4 Video

BYU-Pathway Worldwide creates and has made available many promotional videos for the program. These videos may be found on the BYU-Pathway Newsroom website.

On some occasions, individual Pathway sites may desire to create unofficial videos for their site or group to celebrate and promote BYU-Pathway locally. These videos should comply with the following guidelines:

  1. Focus on students’ personal experiences in BYU-Pathway. Do not explain how programs work or how they operate — official BYU-Pathway videos are to be used for those purposes.
  2. Include this disclaimer within the video: “This video is not endorsed or supported by BYU-Pathway Worldwide.”
  3. Do not use or imitate any official marks, including the logos of BYU-Pathway Worldwide, PathwayConnect, or BYU-Idaho.

  1. Avoid using official BYU-Pathway colors.
  2. Include the name and contact information of the person who is responsible for the video.
  3. Do not state or imply that the video or opinions expressed therein are sponsored or endorsed by BYU-Pathway.
  4. Obtain written consent to use the images and/or personal information for all individuals in the video.
  5. Obtain approval from facilities managers when filming in Church-owned facilities.
  6. Use professional judgment in creating any materials that reflect on the Church, BYU-Idaho, or BYU-Pathway.