12.5 Marketing Materials

PathwayConnect provides a variety of marketing materials to assist the finding and outreach efforts of missionaries and local leaders. Only materials created by the PathwayConnect Home Office are approved for use. Missionaries, priesthood leaders, and others may not create their own materials. Doing so would constitute copyright infringement or may be in violation of local laws and regulations. Using copyrighted materials (including logos, slogans, images, etc.) without authorization from the copyright owner is contrary to Church policy and may also subject the Church or the user to legal liability. (Note: Active marketing may not be permitted in some areas. Contact your PathwayConnect manager with questions.)

Following is a list of available marketing materials. All materials, including instructions on how to use them, may be found inĀ PathwayConnect’s marketing materials pages.

Pass-Along Cards

Pass-along cards are designed to provide valuable information about PathwayConnect in a concise manner. They are designed to peak interest and drive people to the PathwayConnect website to learn more.

Informational Posters

PathwayConnect informational posters should be hung on bulletin boards in each meetinghouse in the region surrounding a PathwayConnect site. Missionaries should coordinate with local priesthood leaders to request permission to display the posters.

Event Posters

Available for download
PathwayConnect event posters are intended to help missionaries advertise a specific meeting for Church members to attend and learn more about PathwayConnect. Event posters contain editable fields for missionaries to include the date, time, and location of an event.

Event Fliers

Available for download
PathwayConnect event fliers should be used similar to pass-along cards to inform prospective students about PathwayConnect and to advertise a PathwayConnect informational meeting.

Bulletin Inserts

Available for download
Bulletin inserts are available in a variety of sizes. They are a great tool for spreading the word about PathwayConnect in wards and branches. There is also an editable section to provide contact information and to advertise a PathwayConnect informational presentation.

PowerPoint Presentations

Available for download
Several options for PowerPoint presentations are available to use when informing prospective students and/or local leaders about PathwayConnect. Talking points and an FAQ document are also included to assist missionaries.