12.2 PATH

PATH is PathwayConnect’s administrative system. It is a one-stop resource for students, PathwayConnect missionaries, and the PathwayConnect Home Office. PATH may be accessed by going to pathway.lds.org and signing in with an LDS Account, then selecting “PATH Admin Tools.”

12.2.1 PATH Student Access

Once students are signed in to PATH, they can view their application status, access their courses, pay tuition, order transcripts, view missionary contact information, and more. They will also see relevant announcements for their site as well as Pathway as a whole.

12.2.2 PATH Missionary Access

Once missionaries are signed in to PATH, they can track new student applications; view current student academic progress; and access training, policies, and other resources.

Site Manager

The Site Manager is a comprehensive resource where missionaries can track new student applications, manage PathwayConnect groups, schedule English language assessments, access student personal and academic information, generate reports, and post site-based announcements.

Mission Control

Mission Control is a missionary’s go-to resource for Pathway policies, specialized training and tutorials, marketing materials and presentations, and much more.


Through the PATH “Trainings” link, missionaries will access the Pathway Missionary Training course as well as the Pathway Missionary Information Security Training (MIST), which is required of all missionaries at the beginning of their service.