2.1 Application Process

PathwayConnect applications are submitted online at byupathway.org/admissions Applications are considered only in areas where PathwayConnect is currently operating. Individuals may only begin PathwayConnect when a new group is starting; they may not join a group that started in a previous semester.

The application includes four sections: 1) Personal Information, 2) Placement Questions, 3) English Placement Assessment (requirement determined by placement questions), and 4) Accept Offer of Admission. PathwayConnect administrators and missionaries may track student applications by site in the PATH administrative system (see 12.2.2 PATH Missionary Access).

All parties (except the applicant) are prohibited from submitting applications on behalf of prospective students. This is a program violation and also establishes a precedent that may not empower the applicant.

2.1.1 Application Deadline

The last day to apply to PathwayConnect is 20 days before the first day of the semester.

Individuals may be admissible after the application deadline in rare circumstances that are beyond the students’ control. Such situations include, but are not limited to: a natural disaster that prevented an individual from applying, a documented technical issue on PathwayConnect’s part, or a full-time missionary who returned home after the application deadline. All exception requests are reviewed by BYU-Pathway Support on a case-by-case basis.

 2.1.2 Minimum Enrollment

Before a person can be admitted to PathwayConnect, a minimum of 12 individuals must enroll for a specific group type at a site. In areas where the minimum is not reached by the application deadline, individuals will not be able to participate in PathwayConnect at that time but may apply again in the future or choose to attend another nearby site (if one exists) (see 4.2.1 Group Types).

Applicants who apply before the minimum enrollment has been reached will still have the option to accept their offer of admission. Such applications will then be placed on hold until the minimum enrollment is reached. If the minimum enrollment is achieved, applicants who have accepted their offer will then be automatically enrolled in first-semester courses.

2.1.3 Admission Decisions

PathwayConnect applicants typically receive an admissions decision immediately after completing their application. Applicants who are admitted to PathwayConnect must accept or decline their offer of admission. Applicants who accept their offer will be automatically enrolled in first-semester courses (if the minimum enrollment has been met).

Applicants who do not receive an immediate admissions decision will be notified via email when a decision has been made.

 2.1.4 Admission to a Program Type

(See 4.2 PathwayConnect Groups)