2.3 English Placement Assessment

Some individuals may be required to take an English placement assessment as part of their application to PathwayConnect. Individuals will answer a series of screening questions as part of their application, which will determine their need to take the test.

The purpose of this assessment is to determine if applicants understand the English language well enough to be successful in the program and which version of the program they qualify for — Standard version (for students who are proficient in English) or L version (for students with intermediate to low English placement).

2.3.1 Administering the Assessment

An English placement assessment is administered online as part of a student’s application to PathwayConnect.

2.3.2 Period of Validity

Students who have previously completed a semester of PathwayConnect and are returning do not need to retest.

2.3.3 Retaking the Assessment

Individuals who take the assessment and do not receive a score sufficient to enter the program may retest once every 60 days. Scores from individuals who retest before the 60-day waiting period will not be accepted.

2.3.4 Deaf Students

An applicant who is deaf or hard of hearing and is flagged to take an English proficiency assessment is required to take all portions of the assessment with the exception of the listening portion for admittance.