2.4 Tuition & Financial Aid

2.4.1 Tuition Deadline

Tuition is due on or before the first day of every semester. Students make tuition payments by signing in to their account at byupathway.org.

2.4.2 Calculating Tuition

Tuition is calculated based on how many credits a student is registered for per semester. Institute courses are free (see 6.3 Credits & Courses).

The cost per credit varies based on the PathwayConnect version type, country, and membership status. Visit byupathway.org to learn more.

2.4.3 Tuition Late Fee

If students do not pay their full tuition by the Monday of the last week of the semester, they will be assessed a 5% late fee on their remaining balance. Students will not be able to register for any future semesters until the debt is paid in its entirety. Students in their final semester should be paid in full before submitting an application to a BYU-Idaho or Ensign College online degree program. Those who fail to pay will not be eligible for matriculation to any online degree program and will not receive a PathwayConnect completion certificate.

2.4.4 Tuition Refunds

Students who withdraw from PathwayConnect before Day 22 of the semester will receive a full refund. Students who withdraw after Day 22 and before 60% of the semester has passed will receive a prorated refund. The refund percentage is calculated based on the date the student withdraws. No refund will be issued after 60% of a semester has passed. In addition, BYU-Pathway Worldwide reserves the right to not grant a refund to a student who is suspended or expelled.

2.4.5 Financial Aid

U.S. Federal Financial Aid

During PathwayConnect, students are not classified as “degree-seeking” and are therefore not eligible for U.S. federal financial aid. Students who complete PathwayConnect and choose to matriculate into a degree program will then be eligible to apply for financial aid (if they have a high school diploma or equivalent).

International students do not qualify for any type of U.S. federal financial aid.


PathwayConnect students are not eligible for BYU-Idaho academic scholarships. Students may, however, search and apply for private scholarships that fit their individual qualifications.

Perpetual Education Fund (PEF)

International students who are interested in obtaining financial aid from the PEF should consult with their local priesthood leaders. PEF guidelines and availability vary by country.

2.4.6 Donating Tuition Funds

Individuals interested in donating funds for a particular student’s tuition may do so by sending a check and following these instructions:

  1. Checks should be made out to “BYU-Pathway Worldwide.”
  2. Checks must be written for the exact amount of the student’s tuition. The total check amount cannot exceed the amount of tuition currently owed. 
  3. Checks should contain the student’s name and PathwayConnect ID number.
  4. Include a note with the email address to send the payment receipt.
  5. Individuals donating funds for multiple students must send a separate check for each student’s tuition.
  6. Checks must be domestic checks.
  7. Checks should be sent to:

BYU-Pathway Worldwide
Attn: Finance Team
3 Triad Center, Suite 500
Salt Lake City, UT 84180-1125