3.2 Courses & Sequences

Each semester during PathwayConnect, students take a prescribed curriculum:

The following table lists the courses students will take in the order they will take them (based on version and group type). See 3.2.1 Course Descriptions for specific details about each course

3.2.1 Course Descriptions

Academic Courses

PathwayConnect’s academic courses include the following:

GS 120 – LIFE SKILLS (3 Credits) Students learn study skills, self-reliance, academic planning, provident living, budgeting, goal setting, time management, and more.

ENG 106 – BASIC WRITING (3 Credits) Students learn to effectively demonstrate the use of formal written English and grammatical forms in personal and professional communication.

MATH 100G – INTRO TO ALGEBRA AND FINANCE (3 Credits) Students learn the fundamentals of basic mathematics, personal finance, and introductory algebra.

Religion Courses

Religion courses are offered in two ways: 1) in partnership with local institutes of religion, or 2) online through BYU-Idaho. The religion course a student takes depends on his/her assigned version and group type (see table above in 3.2 Courses & Sequences).

FDREL 121 – Book of Mormon (Part 1) (2 Credits) Book of Mormon (Part 1) covers 1 Nephi-Alma 29. Doctrinal topics include faith, repentance, the Atonement, premortal life, the purpose of life, and the doctrine of Christ.

FDREL 122 – Book of Mormon (Part 2) (2 Credits) Book of Mormon (Part 2) covers Alma 30-Moroni 10. Doctrinal topics include faith, repentance, the Atonement, the premortal life, the purpose of life, and the doctrine of Christ.

FDREL 250 – Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel (2 Credits) This course focuses on the eternal ministry of Jesus Christ and His divine roles and teachings throughout His premortal, mortal, and postmortal life. Students will deepen their understanding of the Savior and increase their personal discipleship. INSTITUTE COURSES The institute courses 18- to 30-year-old students take vary at each institute location. Students should contact their local institute to find out which courses they offer.

The following institute courses are transferable to BYU-Idaho:

Cornerstone Classes

  • 200 The Eternal Family
  • 225 Foundations of the Restoration
  • 250 Jesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel
  • 275 Teaching and Doctrine of the Book of Mormon

Primary Elective Classes

  • 121 Book of Mormon
  • 122 Book of Mormon
  • 130 Missionary Preparation
  • 211 New Testament
  • 212 New Testament
  • 215 Scripture Study: The Power of the Word
  • 301 Old Testament
  • 302 Old Testament
  • 324 Doctrine and Covenants
  • 325 Doctrine and Covenants
  • 327 Pearl of Great Price
  • 333 Teachings of the Living Prophets
  • 341 Church History
  • 342 Church History
  • 343 Church History

Secondary Elective Classes

  • 390R Preparing for an Eternal Marriage
  • 390R Building an Eternal Marriage
  • 390R Introduction to Family History
  • 390R Doctrines of the Gospel
  • 390R The Restored Gospel and World Religions
  • 390R The Restored Gospel and Christian History
  • 390R The Book of Isaiah