3.1 Course Registration Process

Course registration is the process students take to enroll in courses and is different from the process of formally applying for admission to PathwayConnect. Course registration occurs after a student is admitted.

1st Semester Students

Registration occurs at the time students accept their offer of admission on byupathway.org. PathwayConnect’s enrollment system will register the student for the courses required to complete the first semester of PathwayConnect. Registration for institute courses occurs at the local level directly with the institute. To register for institute courses students should contact their local institute.

2nd & 3rd Semester Students

Continuing students will be prompted to register for second and third semester courses when they log in at byupathway.org during semester registration. Once registration for the second and third semesters opens, a “Continue” button will appear in the To-Do section of the BYU-Pathway Portal. To register for institute courses students should contact their local institute.

3.1.1 Course Registration Deadline

The course registration deadline is 20 days before the start of classes. Students will be notified by email of upcoming registration deadlines. Students who attempt to register between the registration deadline and day eight of the semester will be placed on a standby list. Potential students move off the standby list once a spot becomes available in the online course(s) they are waiting to register for. Students are enrolled from the standby list as space becomes available in their course, not as space becomes available at their intended gathering location.

A student may be able to register for courses after the enrollment deadline in rare circumstances that are beyond the student’s control. Such situations include, but are not limited to: natural disaster that prevented an individual from registering, a documented technical issue on PathwayConnect’s part, or a full-time missionary who returned home after the registration deadline. All exception requests are reviewed by BYU-Pathway Support on a case-by-case basis.