3.4 Course Retakes

Retakes occur when individuals repeat PathwayConnect courses—either academic or religion—that have been previously completed. A retaken course replaces the credit and grade of the same previously completed course if the grade of the course retaken is higher. The highest grade of all the retakes is calculated into the PathwayConnect GPA and earned credits. Previous courses remain on the transcript and are designated as retake courses, but are not calculated into the GPA. There is no limit to the amount of times a student can retake a PathwayConnect course. Students who transfer must recognize that a transfer institution may not accept the retake course per this definition.

3.4.1 Online-Only Course Retake Eligibility

PathwayConnect students are eligible to register for an online-only retake version of a course (if available; does not apply to institute courses) if they:

a) earned a passing grade in the traditional gathering version of the course, and

b) gathered with their PathwayConnect group for the entire semester they were enrolled.

Students desiring to take the online-only version of a course due to relocation or any other reason need to petition through the Pathway Support Center. These situations are decided on a case-by-case basis.

Online-only retake courses and gathering courses may not be taken concurrently.