6. Student Records

The BYU-Idaho registrar is charged with the stewardship and responsibility to record every student’s academic experience and maintain the integrity of the academic system for BYU-Idaho academic programs and students. As a BYU-Pathway Worldwide academic program, the permanent academic record (transcripts) for PathwayConnect students is maintained and issued under the signature of the BYU-Idaho registrar. To ensure the PathwayConnect transcript complies with and is governed according to university policy, government regulations, and industry standards, the registrar (or designee), is a voting member of the BYU-Pathway Policies Committee and the Academic Exceptions Committee. The registrar consults with and advises PathwayConnect employees regarding proper policies and procedures to ensure the integrity and validity of the information provided on the PathwayConnect transcript.

6.1 Transcripts

6.2 Grading System & GPA

6.3 Credits & Courses

6.4 PathwayConnect Certificates

6.5 Confidentiality of Student Records

6.6 Other Policies & Procedures