6.2 Grading System & GPA

Grades are determined by each instructor based on an evaluation of all assigned and completed coursework. Academic and religion courses taken through BYU-Idaho count toward a student’s PathwayConnect GPA but do not affect their ultimate BYU-Idaho GPA (if they choose to matriculate into a BYU-Idaho program after PathwayConnect). Grades earned from local institutes of religion do not count toward a student’s GPA. GPA is calculated by taking total earned points divided by earned credits.

Letter Grade     Description     Grade Point per Credit
A     Outstanding Understanding     4.0
A-           3.7
B+     Considerable Understanding     3.4
B           3.0
B-           2.7
C+     Sufficient Understanding     2.4
C           2.0
C-           1.7
D+     Poor Understanding     1.4
D           1.0
D-           0.7
F     Failure     0.0
UW     Unofficial Withdrawal     0.0
W     Official Withdrawal     Not calculated into GPA
I     Incomplete     Not calculated into GPA
P     Pass (grade of C or better)     Not calculated into GPA
NR     Not Reported      
IP     In Progress