6.6 Other Policies & Procedures

6.6.1 Username & Password Protection

Students and employees should never share their username and password to access secure PathwayConnect sites with any other person or business. Providing this information to others could potentially compromise the program’s systems as well as student and employee personal information (such as finances, grades, etc.). Because providing this information to other people or businesses puts The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and BYU-Idaho at risk, individuals who do so could face dismissal from Pathway.

6.6.2 Proof of Enrollment

PathwayConnect students may request verification as proof of enrollment from Pathway Support. Enrollment verification requests can be submitted to the Pathway Support Center by phone, letter, e-mail, fax, or in person. Verification of a student’s directory information, such as dates of attendance or degrees earned, can be verbally obtained.

6.6.3 Exceptions to Pathway Academic Policy

Students wishing to appeal any BYU-Pathway Worldwide academic policy must submit a petition to the Pathway Support Center. These situations may include dropping classes or withdrawing from school after published deadlines. Petitions must be submitted within six months of the semester for which the student is requesting an exception. The petition process is meant to accommodate students with extenuating circumstances or emergencies beyond their control that may impact their academic records. Only BYU-Pathway academic policies can be appealed; federal guidelines and/or requirements cannot be appealed through this committee.