6.4 Pathway Certificates

In order for students to complete the PathwayConnect program and receive a certificate of completion, they must meet the following requirements:

  1. Receive passing grades (D- or above) in all academic courses listed within one of the following course combinations: 
    1. PC 101/101L, PC 102/102L, PC 103/103L
    2. GS 120/120L, MAT 100/100L, ENG 106/106L
    3. GS 120/120L, PC 102/102L, PC 103/103L
    4. PC 101/101L, MATH 100/100L, ENG 106/106L
    5. GS 120/120L, MATH 100/100L or ENG 106/106L, PC 102/102L
  2. Receive passing grades (D- or above) in all program-required religion or institute courses
  3. Receive a passing grade (D- or above) in an introductory certificate course (if student is required to take PC103).
  4. Have a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA
  5. Have no outstanding PathwayConnect tuition

Students who have completed PathwayConnect and are eligible to receive a certificate can print their own certificates. To do so, students should:

  1. Log in to their BYU-Pathway Portal
  2. Click on their name in the top, right corner
  3. Click PathwayConnect Certificates
  4.  The certificate will appear with the name and completion year as a printable PDF

If students are unable to print their own certificates, missionaries also have the ability to print certificates. Missionaries can find instructions by logging in at byupathway.org. Select “Site Manager,” then click the “Certificates” tab. Instructions are linked near the top of that page.