6.1 Transcripts

A transcript permanently keeps track and records the grades students acquire from a higher learning institution. The transcript lists the courses taken and the grades earned in those courses along with an overall grade point average (GPA).

If a student is failing a course during PathwayConnect, it is highly recommended the student withdraw from the course before the withdrawal deadline. Withdrawing from a class protects a student’s PathwayConnect GPA and prevents having a low grade recorded permanently on his or her transcript. If a student withdraws in time, the class will be labeled with a “W” on the school transcript. The “W” indicates that the student dropped the class within the withdrawal deadline, and it will not affect the GPA on the transcript.

6.1.1 PathwayConnect Transcript Requests

Official academic transcripts may be requested online by logging in to byupathway.org. Transcripts may not be ordered by phone, e-mail, paper, or fax. Transcripts can be requested by both current and former PathwayConnect students by logging in to their student account. A paper copy will be sent by U.S. mail.

Note: all financial debts must be paid in order to request to receive a transcript.

6.1.2 Institute Transcripts

See 11.1.8 Institute Credits to BYU-Idaho