7.4 Role of PathwayConnect Administration

The administrative team at PathwayConnect has the responsibility to:

  • Manage relationships with PathwayConnect Church-service missionaries
  • Provide ongoing support and training to PathwayConnect Church-service missionaries
  • Seek evaluation and support from local leaders and institute directors
  • Coordinate marketing and communication efforts
  • Offer support and advising to PathwayConnect students
  • Plan and coordinate expansion of new sites

 7.4.1 PathwayConnect Directors

PathwayConnect directors provide strategic direction and oversight for all program operations. Primary job responsibilities include:

  • Work closely with Area Presidencies, Area Seventy, and other local leaders and partners to identify opportunities to implement and deepen the impact of PathwayConnect
  • Manage a team of area managers, providing direction regarding program quality and expansion
  • Strategically guide the ongoing development of systems, training, and processes

7.4.2 PathwayConnect Area Managers

PathwayConnect area managers oversee program operations in designated geographic regions. Primary support functions include:

  • Training and coordinating with PathwayConnect Church-service missionaries
  • Ensuring PathwayConnect is administered consistently across sites
  • Coordinating with local priesthood regarding program expansion and maintenance

7.4.3 PathwayConnect Support

Pathway support employees assist students and missionaries with a variety of needs throughout their PathwayConnect experience. Primary support functions include:

  • Assisting with application and course registration questions
  • Helping students prepare for options in and after PathwayConnect
  • Helping service missionaries by providing training and ongoing support
  • Providing motivation and encouragement

7.4.4 PathwayConnect Communications

The PathwayConnect Communications team assists employees and missionaries with a variety of communication and marketing needs. Primary areas of responsibility include:

  • Developing and creating marketing materials and resources
  • Distributing key communications, such as regular PathwayConnect updates via email
  • Assisting PathwayConnect employees with messaging and graphic design needs