9.3 Other

9.3.1 Matriculated Students in the BYU-Idaho Online Degree Program

PathwayConnect students who successfully complete the Standard version of PathwayConnect and matriculate into the BYU-Idaho online degree program may be asked to serve as a speaking partner mentor by BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

9.3.2 Unable to Find a Partner

PathwayConnect L-version students or ENG 106 students who have not found or have not been assigned a partner in the matching tool by the third week of the semester (or the beginning of Lesson 3 in their course) can find an alternate assignment within their course.

9.3.3 Alternate Assignments and Exemptions

The purpose of the alternate assignment is to give students an equivalent activity to the speaking partner assignment if one of the following two elements apply:

  1. The student is unable to find a speaking partner for the semester on their own or by using the speaking partner matching tool. If this is the case, the student should do the alternate assignment found within their course every week for the rest of the semester, except week 14.
  2. The student has a speaking partner, but the speaking partner does not show up for a given appointment, even after the student tries to reschedule. If this is the case, the student can do the alternate assignment found within their course just for the week of the missed appointment.

Alternate assignments are also available for students participating as either a mentor or learner who cannot reasonably complete the speaking partner assignment. Students wanting an exemption should contact the Pathway Support Center, who will determine whether a student is eligible for an alternate assignment.

9.3.4 Support

All queries about the content and experience of the Speaking Partner Program can only be dealt with when a speaking partner participant contacts the Pathway Support Center.