9.2 Standard Version (ENG 106 Students)

Students enrolled in PathwayConnect’s Standard version are only required to participate in the Speaking Partner Program during the semester they are enrolled in ENG 106. During this semester, these students are referred to as “speaking partner mentors.”

9.2.1 Requirements

Speaking partner mentors are required to fulfill the following as part of their participation in ENG 106:

  • Speak English fluently
  • Have access to high-speed Internet, a webcam, and video chat capabilities
  • Participate in a 30-minute appointment once a week for 12 consecutive weeks
  • If under the age of 18, the student should contact the PathwayConnect Support Center before using the Speaking Partner Matching Tool (see 9.4.1 Matching Tool).

 9.2.2 Speaking Partner Appointments

Speaking partner mentors meet for a 30-minute appointment once a week with a speaking partner learner using a video chat tool or in person. Appointments are conducted as follows:

  • Speaking partner appointments must be conducted solely in English.
  • Conversation during appointments should be led by the learner and should center on the discussion material for that week’s lesson.
  • Mentors must be on time for their appointments and make a strong effort to communicate clearly and well in advance with their learner if there is a need to change the time of a scheduled appointment.

There is no required or formal training to be a mentor, nor is it a requirement to know a language other than English. Mentors are welcome to use the Speaking Partner Mentor Guide for useful tips for interacting with and helping language learners.

Discussion Materials

Links to the speaking partner discussion materials are available within the ENG 106 course. During the appointment, speaking partner learners should speak for 30 minutes about the discussion material. They are not required to have completed all of the discussion material within that timeframe.

9.2.3 Finding a Partner

ENG 106 students should register as a mentor with the Speaking Partner matching tool. This will then allow them to be matched with a speaking partner learner.

 9.2.4 Reporting and Grading

ENG 106 students must self-report their weekly activity. Reporting occurs within the course. Weekly self-reporting is also required when completing alternate assignments (see 9.4.4 Alternate Assignments and Exemptions). Instructors maintain autonomy over the grading and deadlines of assignments for their students.