Tuition Change FAQ

Please review the following responses to potential questions and concerns students and others may have regarding changes in PathwayConnect tuition. For a list of current PathwayConnect tuition rates, please visit PathwayConnect’s cost calculator. Any additional questions should be directed to BYU-Pathway Support.

Will my tuition rate ever change from the rate I had when I enrolled in PathwayConnect?

  • Possibly. As BYU-Pathway Worldwide continues to grow and serve more students, tuition may increase in response to regular, ongoing operating costs and in an effort to make the PathwayConnect program available to many more people around the world.

Will my tuition rate stay the same if I continue to a BYU-Idaho’s online degree program?

  • PathwayConnect students who join a BYU-Idaho’s online degree program will continue to pay the PathwayConnect tuition rate, which may increase periodically.

If I am a U.S. citizen and am currently enrolled in a BYU-Idaho online degree program, will this change affect my U.S. financial aid?

  • Yes, as a degree-seeking student in a BYU-Idaho online degree program, all changes in tuition will be reflected in your U.S. financial aid.

Will I owe extra tuition or receive a refund for previous semesters?

  • No. Changes in tuition rates only apply to future semesters.

When there is a PathwayConnect tuition increase, does it affect students in all countries?

  • No. PathwayConnect tuition is determined on a country-by-country basis through careful consideration of currency exchange rates, economic indicators, and in consultation with local and area priesthood leaders. BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s commitment to low-cost education extends beyond national boundaries to provide students affordable tuition regardless of their location.

If I have late tuition payments, will these be impacted by changes in tuition?

  • No. Once a tuition bill has been posted, the balance will not change beyond the one-time 5% late fee.

Tuition did not increase in the country I live in. Will my tuition ever increase?

  • Possibly. As BYU-Pathway Worldwide continues to grow and serve more students, tuition may increase to continue to help cover regular and ongoing operating costs.